Apple slashes trade-in prices for its iPhone and more

For at least the third time this year, Apple has slashed trade-in prices for its various products.

This means that if you’re shopping at Apple this holiday season and plan to hand over your old device for a new one, the credit you’ll receive will be less than if you bought it before November 10th. did.

Comparing Apple’s current trade-in webpage to the archived version, we see some significant changes in the maximum trade-in value across its range of products.

For iPhones, the trade-in value largely depends on the model, storage size, and condition. For example, as of Wednesday, the iPhone 13 Pro Max had an estimated trade-in price of $720, but that has been reduced to $650.

The maximum trade-in value of the iPhone 13 Pro has also dropped from $50 to $600 to $550, while trading in the iPhone 13 will get you up to $450, down from $470.

Regarding slightly older devices, the iPhone 12 Pro used to get you up to $430, which has been reduced to $400, while the iPhone 11 Pro now gets you down to $250, down from $300.

Several handsets have retained the trade-in value, including two retired iPhone mini handsets (12 and 13), which continue to fetch you up to $250 and $380, respectively. The iPhone SE 2 also continues to get you up to $100.

Looking at some of its other products, we see that anyone who trades in an iPad Pro will now receive up to $445, down from $500. The maximum trade-in price for the iPad Air has dropped from $15 to $230, the iPad from $35 to $160, and the iPad Mini from $15 to $240.

Computers are also affected, for example, the maximum trade-in price of a MacBook Pro is now $630, down from $850, and an iMac is getting you up to $530 when it used to be $680.

Even the lesser Apple Watch doesn’t escape the trade-in deduction. For example, handing over your Apple Watch Series 6 will set you down from $125 to $105, while the SE has a maximum trade-in value of $70, indicating a $5 decrease. The Apple Watch Series 7 is up to $155 unchanged.

It’s normal for Apple to take this kind of action, but the timing may upset some customers who recently budgeted for an Apple purchase with a trade-in as part of the deal, especially as we go through the holidays. Let’s go to a season when personal finances can be tight.

Of course, you don’t have to trade-in your phone with Apple. In fact, taking the other route is likely to result in a better deal. Digital Trends has some great tips for selling your iPhone, though the advice can easily be applied to other gadgets as well.

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