Microsoft confirms Windows 11 has gaming issues

Microsoft has confirmed that the latest update to Windows 11 is causing performance issues in some games as well as several other problems. Stuttering may also be noticeable in some apps.

Microsoft has paused its Windows 11 22H2 update on devices affected by this problem; However, it is still possible to install the update manually. If you haven’t updated yet, it’s best to wait until you receive a notification that an update is available.

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According to Microsoft, the problem stems from games and apps that leave GPU debugging enabled even after the release is shipping to customers. This means that this particular problem can be resolved with an update to any game that you have noticed is lagging since installing the latest version of Windows 11. Game and app updates will only help if the developers have disabled GPU debugging in the latest version. Long term fix will come from Microsoft.

This is not the first time that a safeguard hold has been put on the latest version of Windows 11. Other problems with the most recent update have been outlined by Microsoft. These run the gamut from limited access to printer settings to SMB performance problems, Windows Hello failures, and more.

The Windows 11 22H2 Update has been available since October 4, 2022, so it’s a little troubling to hear about several issues affecting performance even a month after its launch. Microsoft is working fast to solve these problems. In the meantime, it is strongly recommended that you do not click the Update Now button or use the Media Creation Tool to update manually until this issue is resolved and the Safeguard hold is removed. is not given.

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