Black Friday: This Dell gaming laptop is $350 off – now $600

Dell 15 Gaming laptop front view showing the display and keyboard deck.

Dell has been a significant force in the gaming world, especially since they bought Alienware, and while most high-end gaming laptops come out of the latter, the main company still makes some great budget gaming laptops. For example, if you’re looking for one of the best Black Friday gaming laptop deals, the G15 is an excellent choice, and you can pick it up straight from Dell for $600 instead of the usual $900, and they even throw in are in for an additional year of support.

Why you should buy Dell G15 gaming laptop

While this isn’t the Ryzen version that made it onto our list of best gaming laptops, it’s still pretty awesome, running an RTX 3050 under the hood. While it’s not the most powerful GPU out there, it’s a great entry-level graphics card that can easily drive a 15.6-inch FHD monitor, and even though it might struggle to hit 120Hz on more modern games, most free- Dual-play games like League of Legends and CS: GO shouldn’t be a problem. Luckily Dell has included Wi-Fi 6 so you can get a strong and stable connection when playing online, which will also be useful for streaming games and saving up 256GB of SSD space. That said, you can always pick up one of these external hard drive deals to supplement your storage.

As for the CPU, you get a 12th-generation Intel i5-12500h, a mid-range CPU, and more than enough for most gamers and users, giving you the versatility to play games and get productivity work done. Sadly, you only get 8GB of RAM a stick, so we’d encourage upgrading with 8GB at some point to get that boost in dual-channel performance. In terms of battery life, don’t expect much; Gaming laptop batteries have always been mediocre at best, and the G15 doesn’t do much better, and you’ll only get a few hours of battery out of it and even less if you’re gaming in performance mode.

Overall, the G15 is a solid entry-level gaming laptop and an excellent Dell Black Friday deal, especially since you can get it for $600 instead of $900, and you can even get a deal that’s three for the price. Provides protection for four years. ,

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