Gigabyte fixes Project Stealth’s biggest problem

Gigabyte announced a new version of Project Stealth that solves its biggest problem: the lack of airflow to allow cool air to enter the case and hot air to escape.

One of the most frustrating things about building a PC is cable management, and Gigabyte streamlined that process earlier this year with its Project Stealth system. The end result is a PC case that looks beautifully clean and open on the inside, allowing for better airflow.

Gigabyte's Project Stealth Bundle.

Unfortunately, this did not prove to be a good solution. Wildly popular YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips was merciless in its response, finding that a Project Stealth PC can reach temperatures that cause throttling in just under 6.5 minutes.

where are the cables??? – Gigabyte Project Stealth

Not ready to give up on this great idea, Gigabyte debuted a new version of Project Stealth at CES 2023. The kit still includes a Z690 motherboard and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card with connectors on the back, but the case has been changed and the front panel now has a mesh design. This solves the airflow issue, letting cool air flow in the front and warm air out the back, while you enjoy that cable-free design inside.

The new Gigabyte Project Stealth kit features a mesh front panel.
PCWorld at CES 2023

Theoretically, this should run cooler than a typical PC, which can be bogged down by a tangle of cables. Project Stealth’s ingenious design doesn’t eliminate cables, but keeps them out of the way and hidden from sight on the rear of the motherboard. This creates a more neat and clean system, without visible wires that add clutter and prevent easy access to components.

PCWorld notes that Gigabyte’s Project Stealth kit will sell for around $1,000 and should be available soon. Just make sure you get the one with the mesh front panel.

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