Lenovo Legion gaming PCs and laptops are on sale today

As we head into January, we’re seeing more and more great computing deals. During this time of year, you really expect to see things like business laptops or computers for students. However, today, we’ve found some deals for Legion products that seem to defy that expectation. while pc and laptop down can do Can be used for business, with the three months of free Xbox Game Pass they both come with, for most of us the joy is going to be completely forgone. The desire to game becomes even more intense when you realize that both have RTX GPUs inside. So check out both of these great options that totally defied our expectations for the mid-January sale, and consider getting something new today.

Legion Tower 5i Gen 6 – $950, was $1,350

Lenovo Legion Tower 5i gaming PC on white background.

The biggest fear for average people looking to get a processor like the RTX 3050 included in the Legion Tower 5i Gen 6 is that it won’t play with their existing computer or that it’ll be difficult to install. But with the Legion Tower 5i Gen 6, you can have the great experience of getting a reliable RTX 3050 with all the hardware it needs to run. It includes a 65W air cooling system, 16GB of memory so you can enjoy all the latest games, and a 650W power supply to keep everything powered. You’ll have 512GB of SSD storage to keep the latest games on your system — which you can download with lightning-fast Wi-Fi 6 — along with an additional 1TB HDD storage for your other files. Lastly, the Legion Tower 5i Gen 6 comes with a keyboard and mouse, so all you need is a gaming monitor to complete your set.

Legion 5 Pro Gen 7 – $1,600, was $2,200

The new Lenovo Legion gaming laptop.

The Legion 5 Pro Gen 7 is a gaming laptop for the modern day, sporting the RTX 3070. Like the desktop above, it comes with 16GB of memory, but manages to do arguably better in the storage department. Instead of splitting storage between the SSD and HDD, the Legion 5 Pro Gen 7 taps into hard SSD storage, giving you 1TB to fill with however you want. You won’t need to be tied down to an Ethernet cable to install those games, as it’s fully equipped with Wi-Fi 6 capability. Of course, if you want Ethernet, you can have it. In fact, there are a ton of slots on the Legion 5 Pro Gen 7, so you can get the perfect connection, including three USB-C ports (including one with DisplayPort), three USB-A ports, an HDMI port, and more. The ever elusive headphone jack. Finally, get a little bit of that gamer style you love with an RGB-backlit keyboard and get gaming!

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