Best Desktop Computer Deals for September 2022

It’s no secret why laptops are ubiquitous in the age of mobile technology, but for old-school tech experts, nothing will ever replace desktop PCs. That’s because no laptop can do what a desktop can do when you’re settling down for a long day of work or relaxing with some gaming. From a proper keyboard and mouse to a nice large monitor (or multiple monitors if you’re a multitasker), desktop PCs offer more utility and comfort than just the best laptops. Many people, especially gamers, opt to build their own PC, but if you want to avoid the hassle, a better option is to buy a pre-built machine. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry: Our roundup of the best cheap desktop computer deals has what you need.

Today’s Cheapest Desktop Computer Deals

  • beelink mini desktop pc , $347, $539 . was
  • , $500, $600. was
  • , $530, $730. was
  • , $649, $699. was
  • , $749, $848. was
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Beelink Mini Desktop PC – $347$539 . was

Beelink SEI11 Mini PC with 11th Generation Intel Core CPU.

Rising slightly down in size (but not in price) from standard desktop towers, this Beelink Mini PC is a very inexpensive desktop computer with a small footprint. It is powered by an 11th generation Intel Core i5 CPU, 16GB of RAM, and a quick-loading 500GB SSD. It has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It also comes with two HDMI ports and is capable of 4K video output, so you can use it with more than one display if you’re the multi-tasking type. Its mounting bracket allows you to attach it directly to the back of most monitors for a completely streamlined setup. The only caveat is that you’ll have to purchase your peripherals separately (if you haven’t already).

HP Slim Desktop PC – $500, $600 . was

HP Envy TE01 PC in Gray color, without accessories.

You don’t need to pay for a desktop computer that can handle your daily workload. If you’re looking for a cheap tower PC, this HP Slim desktop is your best bet for around 500 bucks: An Intel Core i3 CPU and 8GB of RAM are fairly basic but still plenty of juice for everyday use. While a 256GB solid-state system drive gives you some fast storage space at modern read/write speeds, with a 1TB HDD for overflow.

Best of all, the processor is one of Intel’s new 12th-gen Core i3 CPUs, so you’re getting more performance than many other cheap desktop computers in this price bracket. It features both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. You can get this cheap desktop computer deal at a very affordable price right now. Want some more muscle? for $100 more.

HP Victus GTX 1650 Gaming PC – $530, $730 . was

HP Victus Gaming Desktop PC in dark grey.

While gaming laptops have narrowed the gap in recent years, affordable desktop PCs like this HP Victus are still the best way to enjoy some gaming capabilities on a budget. This desktop tower packs a 12th-generation Intel Core i3 CPU, 8GB of RAM, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, and a 512GB SSD, which is a nice sweet spot in power for an affordable PC gaming machine at this price.

The hardware alone is great, but to make this cheap desktop deal even sweeter, the computer comes with a wired keyboard and optical mouse (all you need is a monitor and audio output and it’s ready to rock). This desktop gaming PC is a pretty solid value at this discounted price.

Apple Mac Mini M1 – $649, $699 . was

Apple Mac Mini 2018
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Desktop computers aren’t known for their small footprints (relative to laptops anyway), but Apple’s pint-sized Mac Mini might just free up some desk space a bit. It packs Apple’s amazing M1 CPU plus 8GB of DDR4 RAM—great specs for work, browsing, and streaming—and you also get a speedy 256GB SSD for storage. It’s not as big as a traditional hard drive, but it’s a lot faster than older HDDs (and you can upgrade at an additional cost).

What sells the new Apple Mac Mini desktop computer in late 2020 isn’t just its small size, but its value: It’s on sale right now, and it’s one of the cheapest brand new macOS computers you can find at the moment. can. Simply plug in your peripherals and you are ready to roll.

HP Pavilion RTX 3060 Gaming PC — $749$848. was

HP Pavilion gaming desktop on white background.

Tip-toeing to the limits of our budget brings us to this beefy HP Pavilion gaming tower, which has pretty much everything we could want in a desktop at this price. It has an Intel Core i5 processor, a GeForce RTX 3060 GPU with 12GB of VRAM (one of our favorite graphics cards for modern gaming) and 8GB of DDR4 RAM, all together to deliver great gaming performance for playing the latest titles. work. Paired with a suitable gaming monitor.

On top of that, you have a 256GB SSD for storage, as well as a wired keyboard and mouse (though with a PC at this price point, you may want to consider upgrading to these at some point to enjoy the best gaming experience). can). The case looks great on any desk and allows for some future mods and upgrades. This solid gaming desktop is a great value for less than a grand, putting our price range well below the mark.

Lenovo Idea Center 3 All-in-One Desktop PC – $750

HP All-in-One 24 Desktop PC with Mouse and Keyboard.

With a PC tower, you typically need at least three peripherals to complete your desktop computer setup: a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. These are extra costs, but if you want everything in one package—and one that doesn’t take up much space on your desk—an all-in-one desktop like the Lenovo Idea Center AIO 3 is a great alternative to a super . -Slick workstation fit for 2020.

This all-in-one is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU plus 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, all of which sit right inside a 24-inch 1080p monitor housing (that means no PC towers to fuss about) . That design, including a wireless mouse and keyboard, can be yours at a great cost right now. A tower with similar specifications will cost you that much on its own, so it’s a great value, as it has everything you need out of the box—including Windows 11—with hardware that you’ll have for years to come. Will stay

How to choose a cheap desktop computer

After you’ve determined your budget, it’s time to decide what exactly you’re looking for in a good cheap desktop computer. First, is this PC going to be primarily for work and general daily use, primarily for gaming, or an even split between the two? This will naturally determine what kind of specs you’re looking at—like, for example, whether or not you need a discrete graphics card—but the good news is that in the sub-$1,000 category, you can find many decent desktops. PCs can be found packing solid up-to-date hardware that won’t be out of date within two years.

Another important consideration is peripherals. Which monitor (or monitors) is your desktop computer going to connect to? do you already have a mouse and keyboard; If not, do you want a desktop PC that includes these, or are you planning to buy a decent PC separately? Keep in mind that many desktop towers come with accessories, yet you’ll need to decide how much budget you’re building for things like a mouse, keyboard, monitor, mouse pad, speakers, and other peripherals you’ll need. Might be possible.

The bottom line is this: don’t just look at price and basic hardware specs when shopping for a cheap desktop computer. Set your budget, figure out what features you need (write it down if you need one) and then work from there.

What makes a good cheap desktop computer?

When shopping for any type of cheap computer, whether it’s a laptop or desktop PC, the biggest risk you face is ending up with something that’s going to run on old hardware (or hardware that’ll be out of date very soon). . This happens when you only consider the price and are not familiar with the current state of computer hardware. Thankfully, there isn’t much to remember.

First of all, when looking at CPUs, it’s best to stick with the 11th and 12th generation Intel Core processors and AMD Ryzen (also known as “Zen”) processors, as these are more recent and your system needs to be optimized. Will maintain – even a relatively basic processor. – reasonably “future-proof.” We also suggest a minimum of 8GB of RAM unless you’re sailing in sub-$300 waters and 16GB is even more strongly recommended for something like a gaming desktop. In the end, solid-state drives (now common even on cheap computers) are preferable to traditional hard drives. These SSDs are generally more reliable and significantly faster than old-school HDDs, although they offer less storage space per dollar.

Are cheap desktop computers good for gaming?

Any PC packing an up-to-date CPU, GPU, and SSD (or at least a 7,200 rpm HDD) should be good to go for gaming, and there are plenty of good cheap desktop computers that fit this bill well. do fit. As with the processors we mentioned, modern graphics card generations include Nvidia’s 16- and 30-series cards, though you’ll most likely stick with GTX 16-series GPUs in the sub-$800 price bracket. These replace Nvidia’s 10-series cards as entry- and mid-level GPUs, and while there are still PCs running with those older cards, we don’t recommend them.

AMD’s Radeon family of budget-level graphics cards includes the RX 5000 series, with GPUs like the RX 5500 delivering decent performance capabilities for 1080p gaming. The RX 6000 series GPUs are better for high-end gaming. You’re unlikely to achieve 4K or 1440p gaming with most cheap desktop computers, but it’s a sacrifice you make to keep costs down. Also, remember that an SSD will load games (and everything else) significantly faster than an HDD.

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