Norton Antivirus Free Trial: Get a Week of Protection

Nowadays we have invested a lot in our digital world, and a lot to keep safe when we sit down to work on our digital devices. We are more susceptible to hacking, identity theft and data collection than ever before, and a lot of headaches can come with these intrusions. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the best antivirus software, and a free trial of Norton Antivirus is a good way to find out one of the best options available. Not only does Answers provide some of the best identity theft protection, but it is also one of the best antivirus apps for iPhone. This makes Norton Antivirus’s free trial the perfect way to start your search for a more secure digital existence.

Does Norton Antivirus have a free trial?

There is a Norton Antivirus free trial, and it’s a pretty impressive offering. With a free trial of Norton Antivirus, you’ll get full access to one of four plans that Norton offers. There is a Plus plan, a Standard plan, a Deluxe plan, and a fully loaded Select plan. Each plan comes with an increase in the number of antivirus features offered and covered devices, and each plan increases in price. A Norton Antivirus free trial is good for 30 days, and you’ll need to create an account and provide a credit card to keep Norton on file.

The Norton Antivirus free trial is essentially a 30-day experience with what it would be like for a fully paid annual subscription. You’ll get to experience the full Norton offers for the plan you choose, giving you multiple layers of protection for your devices, online privacy, and more. Some of the features available on all plans include cloud backup, online threat protection, Norton’s virus protection promise, 24/7 customer support, and a secure password manager. If you’re already familiar with what McAfee has to offer, or if you want to try a free trial of McAfee after you’ve finished your Norton Antivirus free trial, you’ll also be able to compare Norton and McAfee.

Can You Get Norton Antivirus for Free?

30 days of free, full use of Norton Antivirus as part of a free trial of Norton Antivirus is about as close as you can get to Northeast Antivirus software for free. Sometimes you can get Norton Antivirus software bundled with other software purchases, and with some operating software installs, but what you essentially get in these situations is a free install, and then Norton Antivirus. Have access to a free trial. Most situations that see you getting Norton Antivirus for free are simply presenting you with a free trial, and essentially paying you for Norton Antivirus software after your 30-day free trial. Will have to do

Are there any Norton Antivirus deals?

Norton offers some surprising discounts on its antivirus software. Norton has four different tiers to choose from, and offers significant discounts on all of them when you agree to an annual subscription. The Plus plan is typically $60 per year and is currently only $20 for your first year. The Standard plan is regularly $85 per year and is only $40 for your first year right now. The most popular plan is the Deluxe plan, and while it regularly costs $105 per year, you can currently get your first year for just $50. And the Select plan, which is best suited for businesses and groups of people, is regularly $180 per year and is only $100 for your first year right now. Another great security option to look at is one of the best VPN services, any of which offer long free trials and heavily discounted subscriptions.

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