TikTok now lets you downvote comments on videos

There is a new feature in Tiktok and this time it is for the comment section of short-form videos.

on Friday, Tiktok announced via tweet That it was rolling out a new dislike button feature for TikTok video comments globally. The tweeted announcement offered some details about what to expect and an image of the new feature:

1️⃣ Looks like this pic.twitter.com/aCuOVBhFdL

— TikTokComs (@TikTokComms) 23 September 2022

Essentially, the dislike button works just as you think it will. If you see an unrelated or inappropriate comment, you can select the new Dislike button (such as a thumb-down icon to the right of the button/heart icon). While comments may still have the total number of likes displayed next to them, TikTok says that the number of people who disliked a comment will not be displayed at all. TikTok users will be able to “retract” a comment by selecting the button again.

Which begs the question: If the number of dislikes is not shown next to a comment, why is there a dislike button at all? Well, according to TikTok’s tweet thread announcement, it’s a way for users to let TikTok know about the presence of “irrelevant or inappropriate comments” so that TikTok “Create a better experience for our communityThat said, it’s still unclear what happens to the comment that gets a ton of dislikes. We reached out to TikTok to get some clarification on what happens to comments that get a ton of dislikes. And if we hear back, we’ll update this article with a response.

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