The Aorus RTX 4090 Master is the biggest GPU we’ve ever seen

Gigabyte’s Aorus RTX 4090 Master is the biggest GPU ever. We don’t know the full specifications of this GeForce RTX 4090 model yet, but we do know we’ll need very Big case for keeping this animal.

This is a monster unit. It itself needs four slots on the motherboard. It comes with three 11cm fans. It’s 35.8 cm (14.1 in) long and 16.2 cm (6.4 in) wide, which means we can literally put several smaller RTX cards inside it and still have some free space. did the math and determined they could fit 10 Radeon RX 6400 cards inside.

Aurus RTX 4090 Master GPU.

That should be enough to house the massive GPU GeForce RTX 4090, which Nvidia announced on Sept. 20. These are the latest graphics cards featuring the Ada Lovelace architecture, which offers better ray tracing, significantly better rendering and DLSS 3. It comes with up to 24GB. of GDDR6X memory.

Nvidia is promising a clock speed of 2.5 GHz on the 4090, while getting 450 watts of power. The RTX 4090 doesn’t arrive until October 12th, so we’ll have to wait to use it in the real world, but we can expect impressive performance thanks to double the number of CUDA cores.

But we’re thinking of one of those high-end max RTX 4090s inside this huge Aorus master unit. The power draw should be impressive and we’re not looking forward to the electricity bills (nor the incredibly high prices), but maybe there’s something here that will finally propel gaming into the next era. After all, it’s still a GPU waiting to play a game worthy of its power.

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