The 8 Best Laptop Deals in Best Buy’s 3-Day Sale, Starting at $130

Some of the best laptop deals right now are courtesy of Best Buy’s 3-Day Sale. A whole host of different laptops from popular brands are on sale right now, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an affordable laptop for occasional use or you’re looking for a high-end gaming laptop, Best Buy has something that’s right for you. We’ve rounded up some of our highlights below.


  • Asus 14-inch laptop—$130, was $250
  • HP 14-inch Chromebook – $219, was $299
  • HP 15-inch touchscreen laptop—$350, was $500
  • HP 17-inch Laptop – $450, was $680
  • Lenovo Yoga 7i – $600, was $1,000
  • Apple MacBook Air (M1) – $800, was $1,000
  • MSI Delta AMD Advantage Edition – $900, was $1,400
  • Asus Rog Zephyrus 14-inch gaming laptop – $1,300, was $1,900

Asus 14-inch laptop—$130, was $250

Asus' 14-inch laptop is front facing.

Incredibly basic, the Asus 14-inch laptop isn’t a smart move if you need to use a laptop regularly, but if you seriously need the most basic system and can’t spend much, it’s worth it. Will do the trick. It is powered by an Intel Celeron processor with 4GB of memory and 64GB of eMMC storage. This Chromebook level of performance but it runs Windows 11 in S Mode. Obviously, it’s going to be on the slow side for many tasks, but if you’re in dire need of a Windows-based machine, it may be worth the much lower asking price. The 12-hour battery life is a useful bonus, too.

HP 14-inch Chromebook – $219, was $299

HP 14-inch Chromebook at a side angle displaying ChromeOS.

One of the cheapest Chromebook deals out there, this HP 14-inch Chromebook won’t challenge anything on our best Chromebooks list. Although it is reasonably well suited for students or for your child’s first computer. It has an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of memory, and 64GB of eMMC storage, just like the Windows model above. However, this kind of hardware works better with ChromeOS, so it’s easier because you rely on using the cloud for everything. Up to 14 hours of battery life and an HP TrueVision 720p webcam round out the essentials.

HP 15-inch touchscreen laptop—$350, was $500

HP 15 inch laptop on side angle.

HP is one of the best laptop brands that you can buy today and this HP 15-inch touchscreen laptop looks classy compared to its price. It is powered by the 11th Gen Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of memory, and 256GB of SSD storage. It’s simple stuff but it’s fine for running Windows 11 in S Mode. Surprisingly, its 15.6-inch HD screen is a touchscreen model for any time you need to tap rather than click. A Full HD screen could have been better here but it’s a nice innovation and you still get up to 11 hours of battery life. This is quite a stylish looking laptop, if you want something that looks good in class.

HP 17-inch Laptop – $450, was $680

HP 17-inch laptop on side angle.

A great deal for what you get, this HP 17-inch laptop has a large 17-inch Full HD screen so you can see a lot while you work. An AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor proves to be reasonably efficient, along with 8GB of memory and 512GB of SSD storage. Chances are you won’t need that much storage space, but for those times when you do it’s great to have some extra breathing room. Due to the large screen, battery life is a bit weak at 8 hours, but there is HP fast charge support to help you charge up to 50% in about 45 minutes.

Lenovo Yoga 7i – $600, was $1,000

Lenovo Yoga 7i showing a browser window in presentation mode.

Lenovo is responsible for some great 2-in-1 laptops. The Lenovo Yoga 7i reminds you why that is. It uses the 12th generation Intel Core i5 processor along with 8GB of memory and 256GB of SSD storage. So far, so reliable, but it’s the screen that’s the main attraction here. There is 16-inch touchscreen with 2.5K resolution of 2560 x 1600 and 400 nits brightness. With a 360-degree design, you can flip it into any of four modes – laptop, tablet, tent or stand. It’s ideal for those times when you need more of a tablet than a laptop and vice versa. Other useful features include a fingerprint reader for improved security, a backlit keyboard that looks good in any lighting, and a sleek design that looks good in all conditions.

Apple MacBook Air (M1) – $800, was $1,000

One of the best MacBooks you can buy, as well as ranking high in our look at the best laptops overall, the Apple MacBook Air is the ideal entry point for someone looking to dive into the world of MacOS. It uses Apple’s M1 chip which may not be the latest anymore, but is very powerful nonetheless. Paired with this is 8GB of memory and 256GB of SSD storage, so you’ve got what you need here. Its 8-core CPU provides up to 3.5 times faster performance than earlier models with 7-GPU cores for graphics-intensive apps and even some games. Its 13.3-inch Retina display looks gorgeous with P3 Wide Color that provides you with vibrant images and incredible details, while a fanless design means you don’t even notice the laptop is working. Other useful additions include a backlit Magic Keyboard, Touch ID support, and two Thunderbolt ports.

MSI Delta AMD Advantage Edition – $900, was $1,400

The MSI Delta AMD Advantage Edition displays a vibrant green desktop on a white background.

The MSI Delta AMD Advantage Edition is a great gaming laptop at this price. It’s powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 5800 processor with 16GB of memory and 1TB of SSD storage. Many gaming laptops only have 512GB or even just 256GB of SSD storage, so it’s nice to see that you have plenty of room to install multiple games at once. There’s also an AMD Radeon RX6700M graphics card with 10GB of dedicated VRAM. To play games smoothly, the 15.6-inch Full HD screen offers 240Hz refresh rate along with 3ms response time, so you don’t have to worry about any lag issues here. The action will always look silky smooth.

Asus Rog Zephyrus 14-inch gaming laptop – $1,300, was $1,900

Asus Rogue showing off the Jeffreus Forza Horizon 5.

If you don’t mind a slightly smaller screen, the Asus Rog Zephyrus is a powerful gaming laptop for the price and great value. It is powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS processor with 16GB of memory and 1TB SSD storage. Best of all it has AMD Radeon RX6800S, for sure the gaming performance will be great. The downside here is that it only has a 14-inch screen. It’s an excellent one, with a resolution of 2560 x 1600, 500 nits of brightness, and a 120Hz refresh rate, but it’s a bit small compared to other best gaming laptops. On the plus side, this makes it a more lightweight gaming laptop, so if you need something portable that you can still use for gaming, this is a great solution.

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