Why you should buy the LG Gram Style while the deal is live

The LG Gram Style is front and center, showing off its style.

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Who wants a dull looking laptop, right? These days, almost everyone has a laptop, so it’s nice to stand out from the crowd when so many others look dull or overly practical. While the general consensus is that Apple rules the roost when it comes to good-looking laptops, we’ve seen something that might buck that trend. This is the LG Gram Style and it totally lives up to its name. It looks incredibly cool whilst being powerful to use and having a lovely looking screen. Even better, it’s currently available with twice the RAM for the same price, so we’re talking great futureproofing for all your needs. This offer is valid from now till April 16, so you have a while to commit. The 16-inch model with 32GB of memory normally costs $2,000, but there’s a $200 discount, so it’s a bit more affordable at $1,800. In addition to the 16-inch model, there’s a 14-inch 32GB model that’s $300 less, down to $1,500 for a limited time. We kinda want it for ourselves so instead, we thought we’d tell you why you want it.

Seriously though, how cool does the LG Gram Style look? It sounds like you want to buy that sort of thing right away, even if you don’t need a new laptop right now. It is available in 14-inch or 16-inch models. Primarily, this means the smaller model is more portable, but the 16-inch model looks like it’s rivaling the MacBook Pro when it comes to both looks and prowess. We’ve been wondering how LG isn’t yet considered one of the best laptop brands out there, looks like that’s about to change if it’s to maintain such a reputation. It’s about time we saw a seriously gorgeous looking Windows-based laptop.

Its dynamic white exterior looks great and the laptop is incredibly slim. Its smooth, iridescent hue changes depending on which angle you’re looking at it. You’ll find yourself moving the laptop around to see how it shines in the light. Do you even know the meaning of this? Lots of Instagram-worthy snaps to snap right at your desk or while you’re editing videos or writing that next great novel at your local coffee shop. The LG Gram Style is able to do either thanks to its power. It is powered by the latest 13th generation Intel Core i7 processor which is Intel Evo certified. For you, that means faster performance but also a better-performing battery. Again, it’s ideal to take with you out and about.

While laptops usually come with 16GB of memory, as of April 16 you get 32GB of memory. This remains unheard of at this price, even among the best laptops, so you’re getting ahead of the curve here without spending much. It is going to be great for multitasking as well if you are working on some undemanding task. The 1TB SSD storage means you’ll easily have room to save lots of video files if you’re an avid content creator or if you’re more of a still image fan.

Ultimately though, you’ll be interested in how nice the LG Gram Style is to use. LG makes some of the best TVs around thanks to its use of OLED technology and that’s the kind of display you get here. Whether you go for the more portable 14-inch model or the slightly larger 16-inch screen, it looks beautiful with exceptional image resolution which means everything you watch looks truly lifelike. It’s going to be great for watching all your favorite movies, but it also fares well in simple daily use. Still, for those times when you’re watching the latest Marvel release at home, Dolby Atmos sound helps you feel more drawn into what you’re watching. Who would have thought that a laptop could feel immersive while watching a movie, right?

That’s why we’re thinking the LG Gram Style is perfect for students, content creators or anyone who’s looking for an all-in-one solution. You may have already seen MacBooks and fantasized about their style while still preferring to use Windows 11 over macOS – this is where you have the opportunity.

Every little detail about the LG Gram Style is well thought out with lots of ports and a neat power adapter that’s smaller and more lightweight than you’d think so you can easily toss it in your bag without any problems.

If you’ve been waiting for a laptop that fits your stylish aesthetic while being powerful enough to use in your busy lifestyle, the LG Gram Style is it. It’s always a tempting proposition, but it’s exciting to see that you can buy it with double the memory you’d normally get without paying anything extra. As of April 16, you get 32GB of memory instead of 16GB and the laptop is slashed from $2,000 to $1,800. If it were possible to love a laptop, we have a hunch this would be it.

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