How to Sign PDF on Mac

As a Mac user, you are likely familiar with Preview as the default app for viewing images. But this handy application also gives you an easy way to sign documents. You can create and save a signature using your trackpad, camera or mobile device. Then, pop that signature into the document in just a few steps.

Here’s how to sign a PDF on Mac using Preview by inserting a saved signature or creating a new one.

Sign PDFs on Mac Using Preview

If you already have a saved signature, signing a PDF in Preview on Mac is a simple process.

step 1: Open PDF file in Preview. You can do this by right-clicking on a file in a folder or on your desktop. open withand choose Preview from the shortcut menu.

Alternatively, if you already have Preview open, select file , Open and browse for the file. Select and select PDF Open,

Open with Preview in Mac right-click menu.

step 2: to select Marck up in the Preview toolbar at the top. It displays a bar for the markup tool.

Markup button in the Preview toolbar.

step 3: Use the drop-down arrow next to Signal button to select your signature.

Sign button drop-down menu in Preview.

step 4: When your signature is displayed, drag it to where you want it in the document. You can also drag a corner to resize the signature to fit the document, if necessary.

You can then save the PDF, export it or share it using file in the menu bar.

Added signature to a PDF in Preview.

Create a Signature and Sign Your PDF in Preview

If you don’t have a signature yet, you can create a signature to easily sign your document in Preview. Your new signature will be auto-saved so that you can reuse it later in Preview.

step 1: Open your PDF in Preview, and select Marck up in the toolbar.

step 2: Use the drop-down arrow next to Signal button to select create signature,

Create a signature in the Sign in drop-down menu in Preview.

step 3: You can then create your signature using your trackpad, camera, iPhone or iPad. Here are the instructions for each option:

Tackpad: to select trackpad To sign your name using your Mac’s trackpad, select More Click here to get started, Use your finger to sign your name on the trackpad.

Camera: to select camera To capture an image of your signature from a physical paper. Use a piece of white paper and sign your name. Then, hold the paper close to your camera so that your signature is even with the blue line on the screen.

iPhone or iPad: to select iphone or ipad , select Device in the Preview window, and select your iPhone or iPad from the list. You will then see a screen on your mobile device that is ready for your signature. Create Signature, and tap Complete,

Trackpad, Camera, and iPhone or iPad options for creating a signature in Preview.

step 4: With each of the above methods, you can use description Box to describe the signature. you can also choose clean If you want to redo the signature.

to select Complete when you are finished.

Signature Details drop-down list option.

Step 5: When you see the signature display in Preview using one of the above options, you can drag it to move it where it’s needed in the document. Again, you can drag a corner to resize your signature.

Thereafter, you can save, export or share the signed PDF using file in the menu bar.

Signature inserted in the document in Preview.

When you need to sign a PDF document for work, school, or business, Preview on Mac only takes a few minutes. For more, see also How to Print PDF on Mac.

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