Best Chromebook Deals for September 2022

If you need a new laptop, but you’re curious what else is on offer besides Windows and Mac machines, there’s never been a better time to buy a Chromebook. These Chrome-powered laptops have been around for a decade, but they only made headlines during the past few years because of the growth of new people working and studying from home. Chrome OS’s cloud-based simplicity is purpose-built for those who live online, and the fact that Chromebooks are fairly affordable doesn’t hurt their appeal either. caught your interest? Keep reading: We’ve got this week’s best Chromebook deals right here.

Best Chromebook Deals

  • HP Chromebook 11 —
  • Lenovo Chromebook 3 with Headset
  • Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5i 13 2-in-1 —
  • HP Chromebook x2 11 2-in-1 —
  • Samsung Galaxy 4K 2-in-1 Chromebook —

HP Chromebook 11 — $98, $199 . was

HP 11-inch Chromebook on a white background.

why buy

  • lightweight design
  • compact 11 inch display
  • nice keyboard
  • robust design

Looking for a Chromebook from one of the best laptop brands is always a good place to start. In the case of the HP Chromebook 11, you can carry this thing almost like a tablet as it is very light and compact. The idea is that it is best designed for young students who are just starting their academic journey and hence getting started with this kind of technology as well. It offers a good keyboard for its size, and it’s sturdy and versatile. Students can use it for both typing notes and completing assignments.

As expected, this Chromebook uses Chrome OS which means there are lots of different games, productivity apps, and hands-on learning tools available through the service. This keeps things simple but means parents will know their child is using the system for the right reasons, rather than anything potentially worrying. It still covers all the major bases, though, with a front-facing camera for taking video calls and online classes. The Chromebook uses an AMD A4 mobile processor, which with 4GB of memory is good enough for basic activities. Its 32GB eMMC storage is enough to store the operating system and other important files. The 11-inch display also looks great with HD resolution which is fine for this size.

This Chromebook is lightweight so it’s incredibly portable as you’d expect from an 11-inch laptop. A solid battery life means you or your child can work hard in the middle of class without needing to find a power source.

Lenovo Chromebook 3 with Headset – $149, $280 . was

With the Lenovo Chromebook 3 Headset Bundle.

why buy

  • robust design
  • good battery life
  • fast boot-up time
  • headset included

Lenovo Chromebook 3 delivers in the style you would expect from such a well-known laptop brand. An exceptional feature is its 14-inch HD display with anti-glare properties. Keeping track of what you’re looking at the most is a great way to reduce the risk of eye strain while working or reading throughout the day. The other highlight of the Lenovo Chromebook 3 is its sturdy design. It has been rigorously tested so that it can survive bumps and drops, which is no surprise considering Lenovo’s Penchant F or build quality. If you’re accident-prone or providing this to a child with similar problems, this Chromebook should last several days before that.

Under that sturdy hood is a good set of specifications for the price. It has Intel Celeron processor with 4GB memory. Intel generally offers reasonable processors that, while it won’t be anything high-end, it is perfectly capable of handling the needs of Chrome OS. Hard drive space is a bit basic, with only 64GB of eMMC storage, but it’s good enough for anyone focused on a Chromebook’s main purpose—working on the cloud (and you’ll get 100GB of free space via Google Drive). Get).

It’s surprisingly lightweight despite its full-size frame, so it’s perfect for in-between classes or even on your daily commute. The included headset is the icing on the cake. Promising dependable performance and a sturdy design, this Chrome OS laptop is ideal if you want a Chromebook you can rely on for some time to come.

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5i 13 2-in-1 — $353$550. was

A man draws the screen of a Lenovo Flex 5i 13 Chromebook in tent mode.

why buy

  • Sturdy 2-in-1 Design
  • long battery life
  • classy construction
  • 1080p touch display

Lenovo Flex 5i is a cleverly designed Chrome OS 2-in-1. While one of the more affordable Chromebooks on the market, it looks fairly professional, and it’s sturdy, too. It’s 2-in-1, which means you can fold the 13-inch 1080p touch display on the back to set this Chromebook in tent mode or flatten it out completely and use it like a tablet Can be used. It’s great for arts and entertainment, with that convertible design adding a lot of versatility to an otherwise traditional looking laptop.

Under the hood, this 2-in-1 Chromebook has everything you could need. It sports an Intel Core i3 processor which is an improvement over many other cheap mobile CPUs. Along with that, it offers 8GB of memory which is exactly what any Chromebook could need to handle Chrome OS. There’s also 64GB of eMMC storage that’s standard for Chromebooks and perfectly enough for storing important files while sticking with the cloud for the majority of other content.

It is a tool that is best suited for working on the go. With the long battery life, you or your child can easily do a lot without any problem. It offers fast recharging even for those times when you are not organized and need a quick charge. It may be a straightforward 2-in-1 device, but this Chromebook knows exactly what you need most from it, making sure it gets all the most important tasks done in no time .

HP Chromebook x2 11 2-in-1 — $450, $680 . was

HP Chromebook x2 11 sitting on a table top.
Mark Koppock/Digital Trends

why buy

  • 8GB of Memory Is a Boost on Most Chromebooks
  • Gorgeous 2K Touch Display
  • Hybrid tablet design with detachable keyboard
  • Generous Storage for Chromebooks

The HP Chromebook x2 offers a few different things from other Chromebooks. It certainly looks good, with the styling of a high-end 2-in-1. Thanks to its design, it has a nice feel keyboard with a nice touchpad so you won’t feel restricted while working. There’s also a front-facing camera for video calls, online classes, and other similar functions. However, the great hardware doesn’t stop there. At its heart, this Chromebook has a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor which means great performance along with Chrome OS along with excellent battery life. Chrome OS laptop works smoothly throughout the day without any problem.

The features keep on coming: Unlike most other Chromebooks, it has 8GB of memory, which means it can multitask a bit faster than the alternatives. There’s plenty of room for your files too, with 128GB of storage, which means you can actually store a lot if most of your digital goodies aren’t on your Chromebook instead of relying entirely on the cloud. It’s great to have extra flexibility for the most important files in your life.

The best part is that the Chromebook sports an 11-inch 2K touch display that delivers maximum color depth and accuracy. If you need to create colorful presentations on the cloud, this is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your system. Offering a lot of love and standing above everything else when it comes to Chrome laptops, this stylish 2-in-1 will give you a more premium experience at a great price. It’s the ideal way to get the full security of Chrome OS with all the benefits of its best hardware.

Samsung Galaxy 4K 2-in-1 Chromebook – $799, $1,000 . was

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook with Chrome OS interface on screen.

why buy

  • 4K AMOLED Touch Display
  • Stylus included
  • two USB-C ports
  • Versatile 2-in-1 Design

While many Chromebooks have smaller 720p displays, the Samsung Galaxy 4K 2-in-1 offers as much as you can ask for from a regular laptop and then some. It has a 13-inch 4K AMOLED touchscreen which looks great. If you hate staring at low-resolution displays, you’re going to love the beautiful picture it gives you on top of its versatile 2-in-1 form factor. Don’t worry about portability, either: It remains a lightweight and slim design relative to its size. Weighing in at a little over two pounds, it’s not too heavy, even by Chromebook standards.

You also get pretty solid hardware: It has an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB of memory. It’s more than what you need to get things done through Chrome OS. It also has a full 256GB SSD instead of eMMC storage, so you have enough space for your work files and apps. Refreshingly, it has support for both Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi 6, so it’s suitably future-proofed for any connectivity needs you may have further down the line. Hardware among all this is reliable battery life, which means you can last a whole day before finding a power source. This 2-in-1 Chromebook also offers two USB-C ports for charging your device or connecting additional hardware.

Smartly designed in almost every way, this 2-in-1 Chromebook is an extremely enjoyable machine. It’s far more classy than its price tag, which means it’ll look great when you’re working from home, while still being fully capable. This is a great all-rounder for most purposes and will surely put you in good shape for some time to come.

When are the best Chromebook deals?

Finding the biggest sales is easy enough. Think of a major holiday and there’s probably going to be a sale around that. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are the brightest highlights. Both are major sales events, meaning retailers significantly cut the price of the highly sought-after technology during that time. It’s possible we’ll see some of the best Chromebook deals from that year, but you’ll need to be quick. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday stocks are strictly limited which means once it’s gone, it’s gone, and you may miss.

Alternatively, Prime Day is also an important time for sales. This is Amazon’s special sales event, but often other retailers get in on the act and cut their prices at the same time. Again, technology is some of the most sought after things, so the discounts run deep.

However, there is one big catch to all of this – timing. Prime Day isn’t until the summer and Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday aren’t until the end of the year. In all cases, you’ll need to wait to snag one of the best Chromebook deals. There is also no guarantee that the deals will be better, however; If you need a Chromebook now, you probably won’t want to wait that long to get one. For one thing, if your current setup is gone, can you live without a laptop or Chromebook for months? That’s not likely, so you’ll have to look for the best offers going on now instead.

If for some reason you can wait for it then do so, but we won’t blame you if you have to dive right in. If nothing else, sales events can be stressful because stocks tend to fly high. So by buying now, you won’t be stressing over your plans and worrying about beating the crowds around these big sales events. is not needed. Plus, you get the benefits of your new Chromebook straight away, instead of waiting for months.

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