Samsung’s slidable PC display makes foldables look antiquated

During Intel’s Innovation 2022 event, Samsung made an exciting announcement – a 17-inch rollable screen, the first of its kind. Aside from folding phones, foldable laptops have been a trend in 2022 with machines like the Asus Zenbook 17 Fold, but Samsung is going with a different design. Instead of folding, you’ll roll out the screen to expand it.

Samsung showed off a quick demo on stage with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger. The screen is the same size as 17-inch foldable laptops like the Lenovo X1 Fold Gen 2, but you simply push the screen to one side to roll back into the body. Samsung hasn’t announced when the display will appear, or on which machines, but it will likely happen soon.

samsung slideable pc

Analysts say 2023 will be a big year for foldable laptops, and Samsung seems interested in jumping on that trend. We have machines like the ZenBook 17 Fold and X1 Fold Gen 2 coming in short order, which means that the foldable panel is now likely to be on board with many other laptop makers.

Foldable display technology is being applied in other areas as well. For example, Corsair recently showed off the Xeneon Flex. It fits a 45-inch 21:9 ultrawide monitor with an OLED panel, but that’s not what’s interesting about it. You can grab the sides and twist the monitor for a more aggressive curve during the game. This form factor is sure to show up in other displays coming next year.

Although Intel’s announcements at Innovation 2022 were mostly expected — such as the launch of its 13th-gen Raptor Lake processors — Samsung’s rollable screen was a welcome surprise. Intel was also surprised by the release date of its Ark Alchemist GPUs, saying gamers “should be disappointed” about the high GPU prices right now.

We don’t know when Samsung’s rollable screen will arrive, but hopefully it will be soon. Intel showed a demo with panels using the new Intel Unison technology, suggesting that the on-stage display is functional and may soon appear in devices.

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